Carpathian mountains. Ukrainian Karpaty

Karpaty (or Carpathian mountains) are young mountains of medium elevation stretching in about 1,500 km. Major part of Carpathian is situated in Slovakia, Poland, Ukraine and Romania. Highest peak is 2,655 m. above sea level in Slovak territory. In Ukrainian Carpathian the highest peak is Hoverla mountain (2,060 m.)
In July the average temperature varies with altitude from about 20°C near a bottom of the mountains to 6°C on the highest peaks. In winter between -4°C to -12°C. The annual precipitation is usually 900–1,200 mm.
Flora is rich, includes many endemic forms. Above 500 m. to 1,600m. is a belt of mountain forests: oak, beech, maple, birch, ash... and of course fir, pine, cembra pine. Fauna includes lynx, wolf, brown bear, deer, fox...

Carpathian mountains of Ukraine. Pictures

Karpaty (mountains covered by snow until May):

Karpaty. Ukraine

On the way from Transcarpathian area of Ukraine to Hoverla mountain:

Hoverla mountain - the highest peak of Ukraine

Hoverla - the highest peak of Ukrainian Carpathian mountains:

Hoverla mountain

Carpathian pines and Petros mountain

Carpathian mountains Petros mountain. Karpaty. Ukraine

Ukrainian Transcarpathian village:

Transcarpathian village of Ukraine

Picturesque landscape of Ukrainian Transcarpathian village with Hoverla on the background:

Karpatay. Hoverla mountain and transcarpathian village

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