Crimean mountains. Mountains of Crimea, Ukraine

Crimean mountains are young, not high. The highest peak is mt. Roman-Kosh (1545m. above sea level). Mountains consist of three ridges: the Main, the Internal, represented by separate rocky massifs which heights are 500-800 meters (area of the cave towns), and the External, which height is insignificant.
On the plateau the average annual temperature is about + 7 °C and in the spring and autumn frosts occur. Winter can be rather cold and temperature reaches sometimes -25 °C.
Flora is rich, includes many endemic forms. There are many herbs, which locals use for delicious herbal tea. Most part of forest consists of oak and beech tree. . In Crimea there are no danger animals. Fauna represented by deer, fox, hare. Rather rare one can see a wild boar.

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Crimean mountains. Pictures

Mountain plateau above Zelenogorie and View to the East from Demerdzhi

Crimean mountains. Zelenogorie Crimean mountains

Belbek river valley (area of Bakhchisaray):

Belbek river valley. Canyon of river Belbek in Crimea

Karabi - the biggest mountain plateau in Crimea:

Karabi mountain plateau. Crimea Crimean mountains. Karabi

View on Chatyr-Dag mountain plateau from sky (paraglider flight):

Chatyr-Dag mountain plateau. Crimean mountains

Chatyr-Dag mountain plateau and View on Demerdzhi

Crimea. Chatyrdag mountain plateau Crimean mountains. View on Demerdzhi from Chatyr-Dah

The Grand Canyon of Crimea:

Grand Canyon of Crimea

Ai-Petri mountain plateau above Yalta (Ai-Petri cable car station) and Slopes of Marcheka mountain

Ay-Petri cable car station (ai-petri). Yalta. Crimea Marcheka mountain. Crimea

Crimean mountains above the Southern coast of Crimea near Foros:

Crimea. Ai-Petri mountain plateau

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