Cave towns of Crimea

Cave towns of Crimea - are the hills (or let's say mountain plateaus) surrounded by natural rocks... actually fortresses with a natural defense. Such fortresses were built and fortified in VI - IX th. centuries and were destroyed as a result of Tatar-Mongolian invasion to Crimea (first time conquerors appeared in Crimea in 1223). Mangup - principality of Feodoro, capital of cave towns was destroyed in 1475, when Turks invaded the peninsula.
Inhabitants were making artificial caves (this is why it was called cave towns or cave cities) mostly to use it as kind of utility rooms (keep animals, store food etc.)
Below are the photos of four main cave cities of Crimea: Chufut-Kale, Tepe-Kermen, Mangup-Kale and Eski-Kermen.

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Cave cities of Crimea. Pictures

Chufut-Kale. Situated just near Bakhchisarai. General view on the plateau of "Natural fortress":

Chufut-Kale. Cave towns. Crimea

Chufut-Kale cave town. Caves and road inside the city:

Cave towns of Crimea. Chufut-Kale Chufut-Calais. Cave town. Crimea

Plateau of the cave city Tepe-Kermen and Tepe-Kermen cave church

Tepe-Kermen. Cave town. Crimea Cave city Tepe-Kermen in Crimea. Cave Church

Mangup-Kale - the capital of the cave towns of Crimea:

Cave town Mangup-kale. Crimea

Mangup-Kale. Citadel on the plateau:

Mangup-Kale. Cave city. Citadel

Cave town Eski-Kermen:

cave town Eski-Kermen. Crimea Eski-Kermen. Cave town. Crimea. View from the bottom

Video. Bakhchisaray. Cave town Chufut-Kale & Karaites Cemetery:

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