Pictures of Kerch. Crimea, Ukraine

Kerch is situated on the Black sea and Azov sea coast of Crimean peninsula in about 200 km. east from Simferopol International airport and about 280 km. east of Yalta. Population is about 160,000 inhabitants. City is a big industrial port in Crimea and also a resort, attracting tourists who wish to swim in both seas: Azov and Black sea. Kerch is one of the most ancient city in Crimea and Ukraine. The main sights of Kerch are: Mithridates mountain (Mitridat): Obelisk of Glory on top of it and ruins of Panticapeum - 6th century BC, Churhc of St. Jonh the Baptist, Adzhimushkay quarry (catacombs), Tsar Barrow, ruins of Yenikale fortress...

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Pictures of Kerch

View on Kerch from Mithridates Mountain. Obelisk of Glory:

Kerch. Mithridates mountain. Obelisk of Glory (Mitridat)

Church of St. John the Baptist, 8th century AD:

Church of St. John the Baptist in Kerch Kerch. Church of Saint John the Baptist

Kerch city center. Theatre of Pushkin:

Pushkin Theatre in Kerch

>Adzhimushkay catacombs (quarry) and Tsar's Barrow

Adzhimushkay catacombs (quarry) in Kerch Tsar Barrow. Kul-Oba

Yenikale fortress:

Kerch. Yenikale fortress

Mithridates Stairs. View on Kerch from Mitridat Mountain:

Mithridates Stairs. Kerch from Mitridat mountain

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Kerch has a number of impressive architectural and historical monuments. Ancient historical heritage of the city makes it attractive for scientific tourism. The most notable of Kerch sights are:
Site of ancient settlement Pantikapaeum (5th century BC–3rd century AD).
Tsarskiy Kurghan (4th century BC) - burial mound for one of Bosporian kings.
Church of St. John the Baptist (AD 717) This is the oldest church in Ukraine.
Fortress of Yenikale (18th century)
Large Mithridates Staircase leading on top of the Mount Mithridat, contains 428 footsteps, built in 1833–1840 under the guidance of Italian architect A. Digbi
Obelisk of Glory on the Mount Mithridat, built after World War II
Memorial of heroic guerilla warfare in Adzhimushkay mines
Kerch Fortess, restricted area in soviet times, free to enter in present days. Fortess was built by famous Russian military architector Totleben in the middle of 19 century.
Sites of ancient settlements Mirmecium, Tiritaka and Nimphei. There are also some settlements gone underwater due to earthquackes.
So called Demetra's Crypt, a crypt with numerous frescos dated 1st century BC.

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