Sevastopol. Crimean peninsula. Pictures of Sevastopol

Sevastopol is situated on South-West coast of Crimean peninsula in about 100 km. from International airport in Simferopol. Heroic pages of the Crimean war 1853-1856 and World War Two are connected to the city of Sevastopol. During all the history this city was a main Navy base on the Black sea coast (See here: History of Sevastopol - Chronology from foundation to our days). City is the second largest port in Ukraine after Odessa. Sevastopol is one of two cities in Ukraine with a special status. Population of Sevastopol is about 400,000 inhabitants.

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Pictures of Sevastopol

Sea front promenade with Eagle monument - Symbol of Sevastopol:

Sevastopol. Sea front promenade and Eagle monument - the symbol of Sevastopol

Panorama of Sevastopol. View from the Ferris Wheel near to Panorama museum:

Sevastopol. View on the city from the Ferris Wheel next to Panorama museum

Panorama museum in Sevastopol (Crimean War 1854 - 1855):

Panorama Museum. Sevastopol

Diorama museum on Sapun mountain (Defence of Sevastopol in World War II):

Diorama Museum on Sapun mountain in Sevastopol

Monument to Nakhimov on the Nakhimov Square:

Monument to Pavel Stepanovich Nakhimov on the Nakhimov Square in Sevastopol

Upper promenade:

City center of Sevastopol. Upper promenade

Video. Sevastopol promenade. Cruise ship Prinsendam:

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