Simferopol - is a capital of Autonomous Republic of Crimea, International airport and a main railway station of Crimea. Most of tourists just come to Simferopol and immediately go to the Southern coast, to Yalta, Sudak, Sevastopol etc. But if you have several hours, the city center is really worth of visit. Population of Simferopol is about 380,000 inhabitants. Local transport system is rather developed. Inside the city there are electric trolley buses and minibuses (marshrutka). From the bus stations (one of the biggest is situated on the Simferopol train station) buses leave to all of the cities and small towns of Crimean peninsula. The longest in Europe trolley bus line goes from Simferopol to Yalta (85 km.).

See also: map of Simferopol.

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Pictures of Simferopol

Simferopol train station - main tourist gates to Crimea:

Simferopol train station

Panorama of Simferopol:

Simferopol. Panorama

Embankment of Salgir river in Simferopol:

Simferopol. Embankment of Salgir river

Salgir river embankment:

Simferopol. Small park near Salgir river

City center:

Simferopol city center

Square in the city center of Simferopol:

Simferopol. Center

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