Costa Mediterranea Cruise ship was built in 2003 in Helsinki Finland by Carnival Corporation & plc. Ship is operated by the Costa Crociere cruise line

Technical characteristics:
Length: 292.5 m (960 ft), Speed: 24 knots, Capacity: 2,114 passengers"; $h3 = "Pictures of Costa Mediterranea Cruise ship in port of Yalta"; $images = array( 'Costa Mediterranea Cruise ship in Black sea near to Yalta Ukraine' => 'cruise ship Costa Mediterranea in the Black sea near to Yalta Ukraine', 'Costa Mediterranea in Yalta port' => 'Costa Mediterranea cruise ship in Yalta, Ukraine', 'Regatta & Costa Mediterranea at the same day in port of Yalta' => 'Regatta and Costa Mediterranea in port of Yalta, Ukraine', 'Yalta port zone & Costa Mediterranea ship' => 'Costa Mediterranea in Yalta port zone', 'Video of Costa Mediterranea in port of Yalta Ukraine' => '' ); $see_also = array( 'h4' => 'Yalta shore excursions' ); $see2 = array( 'Private shore excursions in Yalta with a private guide' => '' ); include ('../../inc/templ.php'); ?>