Yalta shore excursions

There is a number of sights which could be called Main Sights of Yalta: Livadia Palace, Swallow's Nest Castle, Vorontsov Palace (also know as Alupka Palace or Vorontsov Palace in Alupka), Massandra Palace.
Other less important, but still highly recommended for a short visit sights of Yalta:
St. Mikhail Church in Oreanda (beautiful church built in the very picturesque place near Oreanda, Yalta.
Anton Chekhov House in Yalta. Russian writer Anton Chekhov lived in Yalta 5 last years of his life.

Shore excursions with a private guide will probably include all of the mentioned above sights. The time to cover it, plus of course lunch to try delicious Ukrainian cuisine and amazing Crimean wine would be about 7 hours.
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Pictures Main Sights of Yalta

Livadia Palace:

Livadia Palace Yalta Crimea

Swallow's Nest Castle:

Swallow Nest Castle

Vorontsov Palace (also known as Alupka Palace):

Vorontsov Palace Southern facade. Yalta Crimea

Massandra Palace:

Massandra Palace. Palace of Alexander III in Yalta Crimea

Saint Mikhail Church in Oreanda:

Saint Mikhail Church in Oreanda

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