Donetsk, Ukraine. Pictures of Donetsk.

Some facts about Donetsk:

Donetsk has a population of over 1 million inhabitants. City located in the Eastern Ukraine, about 240 km. east from Zaporizhzhya and 280 km. south-east of Kharkiv. The Donetsk railways is one of the largest railway divisions in Ukraine. It mostly serves the industrial businesses of the area, and the populations of the nearest cities. In addition to other kind of transports, city has an International airport.
Interesting fact: The city once won a prize of UNESCO as the cleanest industrial centers with a population of over one million.

Pictures of Donetsk:



The city centre:

Donetsk. Streets Donetsk. City center

Green park on Pushkin avenue and Artema street - the main street in Donetsk:

Doentsk. Pushkin avenue Donetsk. Along the city centre

Lenin square:

Donetsk. Lenin square

Along the river...

Donetsk. Embankment Donetsk. River bridge

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