Kherson, Ukraine. Pictures of Kherson.

Some facts about Kherson:

Kherson is situated in the Southern Ukraine, half-way between Simferopol (Crimea) and Odessa (by appr. 250 km. from both cities). Because of the location (situated near the connection of Dnieper with the sea), city is a big port on the Black sea and Dnieper river (Dnipro river). City is the administrative center of Kherson oblast. Population is near 330,000 inhabitants.

Pictures of Kherson:

Train station and view on the Kherson industrial:

Train station of Kherson Heavy industry on Dnieper river in Kherson

Park of Glory with eternal fire in Kherson. View from Dnieper river:

Kherson. Park of Glory and eternal fire

Main Dnipro river (Dnieper river) embankment in Kherson:

Kherson. Dnieper river embankmentKherson. Dnipro river embankment

The city center of Kherson. Suvorovskaya street - main pedestrian zone:

Kherson. Street of Suvorov - central street

Fishermen at the Dnipro river embankment in Kherson:

fisherman on Dnipro river embankment in Kherson Kherson Dnepr river embankment. Fishermen

Dnipro river embankment in Kherson - is a nice romantic walking area:

Kherson. Romantic city

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