Lviv, Ukraine. Pictures of Lviv

Lviv (or Lvov) has a population of almost 900 thousands inhabitants is the major city of Western Ukraine. Lviv is located in the Western part of Ukraine, in about 70km. from a Polish border and 150 km. from Carpathian mountains. The highest point of city of Lvov is 413 m. above sea level - "Vysokiy Zamok" (The High Castle), averages is about 290 m. and the lowest point is 245 m. above sea level. Many cities in Ukraine can be reached from a Lviv train station. There are several trains going to Poland, good connection to Slovakia, Hungary... Lviv can be reached by air. The Lviv International airport is situated just in a few km. from the city center.

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Pictures of Lviv

Lviv Opera and Ballet Theatre:

Lviv. Opera and Ballet theatre

Train station and University of Franko

Lviv train station Lviv. University of Franko

Lviv. New city and Old city

Lvov. New city Lviv. Old city

Lviv. Lychakiv Cemetery (XVI century):

Lviv. Lychakiv cemetery Lviv. Lychakiv graveyard

Market square and Independence avenue

Lviv. Market square Lviv. Independence avenue

Lviv - is a green beautiful city:


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