Vinnitsa, Ukraine. Pictures.

Some facts about Vinnytsia:

Vinnytsia (or Vinnitsa) has a population of about 330 thousands inhabitants. Vinnytsia is situated in the Central Ukraine, 260 km. to the south-west from Ukrainian capital - Kiev, 430 km. to the north from Odessa and about 370 km. east from Lviv. Vinnytsia has a railway station and small airport. There are daily train services to (from) Kiev, Lviv, Chernivtsi, Odessa, Kharkiv...

Pictures of Vinnytsia:

Train station and one of the main streets in Vinnitsa:

Vinnytsia. Train station Vinnitsa

Near the river...

Vinnytsia. River bridge

Vinnitsa Ukraine

Vinnytsia. The city center:

Vinnytsia Vinnitsa. The city center

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