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Some facts about Khortytsya and Zaporizhska Sich:

Khortytsia is a large island on Dnipro river in Zaporizhzhya. Island is more than 12 km. long and about 2.5 km. wide. Khortytsya had a very important role in history of Ukraine and first of all in the history of Zaporozhian Cossacks. Now island is a National Museum. Khortytsia is also officially one of Seven Wonders of Ukraine.

Pictures of Khortytsia and Zaporizhian Sich:

Khortytsia island, entrance to Historical Museum of Zaporizky Cossacks:

Khortytsia. Building of Historical Museum of Zaporizky Cossacks

Diorama "Battle of Grande Prince Sviatoslav on Dnipro rapids" (museum of Zaporizhian Cossacks):

Historical Museum of  Zaporozhian Cossacs. Diorama

Zaporizhian Sich:

Khortytsia. Zaporizhian Sich

Zaporizhia Sich. Khortytsya Zaporizhian Sich. Khortytsia

View on Khortytsia & Zaporozhian Sich from Dam of DniproGES:

Zaporizhian Sich

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